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Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance in a professional, structured and individual way.

  • Specific personal life goals or professional goals

  • Groups or one to one

  • Business-, Life-, Sports,- Health- and Wellness-, Career-, Leadership-Coaching, etc.

From Caja's point of view the coachee (coached person) is always the professional for their own goals and life and if not yet, you will be then. Her purpose is to offer advice and guidance with an excellent experience in a creative, individual and mostly sports related way. 



In Caja's work experience it's a wonderful thing to learn from others, listen to them and exchange different points of views. The dynamic of working in small group on specific topics is way more effective and efficient.

  • Small groups adapted to the topic

  • Specific topics defined together, you or Caja

  • Creative, vivid, authentic, flexibel to your needs and on point 

Caja is flexibel and experienced in all kind of workshops, men, women, mixed, youth, adults, etc.. In Sports, in business or based on a one time project like "Who said Girls can't race - how to prepare yourself for a marathon" by adidas.



Talking about Caja working as a keynote speaker on PR events, roadshows,panel discussions or internal company events 

always includes her personality as an authentic professional athlete and sportspsychologist.  Caja knows best how to 

master career and private life successfully without loosing passion, motivation and fun.

  • How to fail successful?

  • Leadership - a sportive approach

  • Gipfelsturm - der Weg zum Ziel

  • Career - job and private life

  • Key role of motivation

  • etc.

She resolutely manages the transfer of her own experience as a competitive athlete and her work experience as a sport- and business psychologist into her lectures. Caja inspires and motivates her audience through her lectures and professional coaching.



  • Diploma Degree Psychology

  • M.A. in Business Psychology

  • Certificate Sport Psychology

  • Trainer-C Licence Freeski



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