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A Journey to Georgia

Aktualisiert: 1. Feb. 2019

I have traveled many countries around the world looking for the best snow. From Japan to New Zealand to Chile, India, Iceland, Norway and more, I know every corner of the world that can quench my craving for the champagne powder. I'm purposeful, knowing where I want to go and following my rather unusual ways and dreams.

One of these dreams was to go on a ski trip, which not only includes skiing, but also satisfied my hunger for wanderlust and new destinations. Georgia is no longer an insider tip among thoroughbred skiers, but I wanted to see for myself and made the decision to make my way to the small country between Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, accompanied by free ski pro and my friend Sandra Lahnsteiner.

At the foot of Kasbek, the third highest mountain in Georgia, we lived in the stunning Boutique Design Hotel "The Rooms". With great attention to detail and a breathtaking view of the glacier of Kasbek and the underlying Church of the Trinity, this hideaway is a real gem and a detour worth.

From there, we started our daily tours, that took us high and far into the vastness of the Caucasus. We were accompanied by Ludwig Karrasch, the youngest mountain guide in Germany, who was an important companion especially due to his great experience and patience.

In addition to very demanding ski tours and freeride options, there are also ski touring variants for everyone. If you are in the mood for ski tours and would like to experience the untouched powder slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, then Georgia is the place to go and you should hurry up before the hype gets even bigger.

In addition to the breathtaking landscapes and the long mountain ranges to Russia, Georgia also lives from its wonderful culture and its people. No matter where, we were received with a very warm hospitality, got a traditional liquor, the Chacha and were spoiled with hearty food, freshly baked flatbread and the unjustly unknown Georgian red wine. With an estimated winepress experience of 8,000 years, the small Caucasus republic is considered to be the cradle of wine culture. With those delicious treats after a long and exhausting day of skiing, we could strengthen ourselves for the next day perfectly.

What most skiers in Georgia ignore is that Georgia has an unbelievable capital worth seeing for a few days. Thus, this trip was rounded off with a few days of culture in Tbilisi, where the team around us lived in the hip hostel "Fabrika", a former Soviet sewing factory.

There you will experience an exciting atmosphere in which modernity and tradition meet in a wonderful way. At some spots in Tbilisi you could not be sure if you were in Amsterdam or Berlin. The cafes, hostels, restaurants and bars were so hip and fully styled though into detail. The pulse of the nightlife also pulled us and the entire team and found a worthyconclusion for an unforgettable ski trip, before we went back to Germany.

The Movie will be released in Fall 2018. Stay tuned!(-:

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