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"I'm Out" - Speedflyer meets Freeskierin - Premiere Munich

Last year I really challenged myself with trying something new, I haven't done before. With my adidas TERREX Team member Paraglider Manuel Nübel I dared to jump off a cliff with him, flying away with him. Totally out off my control - but trusting in Manu’s skills. We, two like-minded people were in search of a new challenge & the feeling of freedom. So we dared to do a project that has never been done before!

The Early Bird catches the worm!

The clip "I'm Out" transports the feeling of escaping from everyday life, to feel nature and to realize a crazy dream. It shows the passion of outdoor and mountain people and make it tangible for the viewer. Based on the slogan "live without limits" - the idea was to show what it is like to not only do one activity but to link together more in just a day? To experience all the beautiful moments of rest and relaxation, but also action and adrenaline from dawn till dusk. And there’s nothing more beautiful to experience those unique moments of passion and hunger for adventure together with friends.

Manu and me hiking up in the sunrise!

And so it was, I trusted in Manu's skill and before he started it was already over. Seconds of that beautiful sinking feeling in my stomach passed in no time - always too short. A few minutes later, I jumped off the tandem from a height of 3m and into my actual element – skiing powder. Swiftly I pulled my line through the untracked snow, the powder sprayed over my head and I hoped that the slope would never come to an end. So many Faceshots I know normally only from Japan. Manu follows me close to the ground, pulled another barrel roll until we finally met again in the valley. Full of joy and totally out of breath – an adrenalin experience of the finest kind!

Manu Nübel and me up in the air.

Manu and I love nature and love to gain new experience and explore what is possible. "I'm Out" wants to inspire people to let their dreams come true, to go outdoors and find joy and peace in even the smallest of mountain adventures.

He up in his element, me in mine.

It shows Manu's and my day, our creativity to combine different sports and the courage to step out of your comfort zone. Enjoy the Clip and thanks to adidas TERREX for supporting us to create!

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