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My Skitrip to Andermatt and Disentis in beautiful Switzerland

I had the pleasure to visit the two amazing skiresorts Andermatt and Disentis with Swiss Tourism. I've been skiing in Switzerland many times before and always loved it. The Swiss Alps are way bigger than back home and very impressive. I love the Swiss Food, of course chocolate and cheese, and the way more lay backed vibe of all Swiss people I met so far.

We went skitouring, explored the endless backcountry with amazing views and offpiste skiing down back to the valley where cheese fondue and some wine was waiting.

But those two resorts don't only make my freerider heart beat, you can explore more than 130km of slopes, you can go skating, snowshoeing or just relax in one of the nice spa Hotels.

I definetely come back beautiful Switzerland.

If you wanna read more about my trip, go an check out my personal Travel Itinerary:

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