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Welcome to Mountainbeat

It took me a while to find the right name for my homepage, a place beyond social media, where I can express and present some of what I'm working, some of what I'm experiencing and some of what I want to share with others in the hope that I can inspire and encourage others to fulfill their dreams and goals, big and small.

I'm not only an athlete anymore, chasing one competition after another, nor a regular psychologist or a sportsmodel. What am I then? I'm just a regular woman, who decided to go different ways, instead just one for the rest of her life for living. So the decision was to experience if combining my skills would complement on another. Those skills build the 3 elements of this homepage: OUTDOOR ATHLETE, MENTAL COACH-SPEAKER and SPORTSMODEL-LIFESTYLE.

And those skills strike deep roots in my beloved mountains, where I'm raised and spent most of my life. Mountains are giants to me, unreachable and unpredictable but they also make me feel sheltered and calm. They bring me peace, but they also motivate me and let me recharge with fresh energy. The pulse of the mountains combined with my pulse is expressed by MOUNTAINBEAT.


No longer participating in ski freestyle competitions, Caja is still hungry to ski down steep mountains and run up endless trails. Driven by new challenges, the passion for outdoor sports and love for mountains, Caja is on fire all year long.


Being a professional athlete for many years combined with various qualifications in Psychology, Sportspsychology and Economics Psychology, Caja is an experienced and authentic Mental Coach and Speaker.


Most time Caja is filmed and photographed while performing in Action Sports. But what not many know is her other role, working as a experienced and versatile sports model. Over the years she has worked with many well known photographers and brands.

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