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Do it. Burn it. LUV it.

And off we’re again…this time I went to Switzerland to take part in the Women K2 LUV premiere with all the other K2 Alliance Girls, who where involved in the design and development process.

I LUV to Ski!

In 1998, K2 Women's Alliance established the approach "by women for women" in the ski industry. 20 years later, we will not let up, but continue to tear down the borders and change how women are perceived on the mountains and slopes. This year, we'll go a few steps further, focusing even more on the women's products and our community, celebrating every female kind of skier skier, skiing powder, park or slopes.

So we went to Switzerland, Meiringen – Hasliberg to ski all 3 types of the new K2 LUV SERIES for powder, skitouring, park and slopes – a very exclusive preview, with very special women and very good skiers. The product review will follow soon, stay tuned!

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